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The Institution ' Jathiswaraalaya Academy of Dance and Music'

Jathiswaraalaya was established in 1996 by Shri. P.R. Venkata Subramanian to make quality classical dance education affordable to even common middle class aspirants.. Today this institution imparts training in Kathak, Bharathanatyam, Vocal music, Classical Music on Keyboard, Slokas and Theory of Dance and Music. Thus the product of Jathiswaraalaya comes out as a complete artiste fully confident in her style and performance with a touch of rare perfection.

The institution has devised its own technique of testing and examining the students at regular intervals giving the parents time to time feed back of their ward's progress. Short sessions are also conducted to train the parents in the basics of these art forms, which facilitate them, to monitor while the ward practices at home.
Providing lyrics and music for various dance numbers, dance dramas (for both short term and long term aspirants) are taken care of by the Music Department of this institution while the Dance Department provides assistance in Choreography of dance sequences. The Music and dance research wing is yet another active half which comes out with rare themes by scanning through ancient history and mythology to suit young musicians and dancers.

Guest lectures are also arranged periodically as morale boosters to the Jathiswaraalayans and their parents. These lectures give an insight into the arena of dance and music thus providing them the latest updates in the fields, which they are often unaware of.

Guru Smt. Lakshmi Kannan

Smt. Lakshmi Kannan is the Director of ' Jathiswaraalaya Academy of Dance and Music', where she imparts dance education to many deserving Kathak and Bharathanatyam aspirants.
A disciple of the great Bharathanatyam legend Padmashree Vazhuvoor Ramiah Pillai, his illustrious son Kalaimamani Vazhuvoor R. Samraj, she continued to absorb the Vazhuvoor style under the doyen Guru Natyakala Sironmani Smt. Kanchana Janardhanan. Further, she is trained in the intricacies of classical music its construction and calculations in the laya (rhythm) by the able guru Shri P.R. Venkata Subramanian and she is fortunate to obtain rigourous training in Nattuvangam by the famous Natyacharya Kalaimamani Udupi Shri. Laxminarayan. Guru Renuka Desai and Shri. Vijay Singh gave her rigorous training in Kathak. She is graded by the Doordarshan.

Sri P.R. Venkata Subramanian

Sri P.R. Venkata Subramanian, Founder and President of Jathiswaraalaya is the disciple of the eminent Harikatha exponent late Needamangalam Sri Krishnamoorthy Bhagavathar. Sri P.R. Venkatasubramanian has revolutionised Keyboard playing by bringing it into the field of classical music. Starting his career as a Harmonist, he perfomed as an accompanying artiste to his guru Needamangalam Sri Krishnamoorthy Bhagavathar from whom he learnt the finer intricacies of music. He proved his mettle as a good soloist playing solo classical recitals on Keyboard. His performances under the auspices of Bharat Cultural Integration Committee at Music Academy, Chennai and at Bobbili won him high appreciation. He proved that classical music can be well played on keyboard chasing away the blues in the people’s mind that keyboard is the best fit for western and light music concerts.

From a simple Harmonist to a prominent Keyboard artiste with proven skills, today, he has carved a niche for himself. He is not only a good soloist but also a specialist in accompanying for Bharathanatyam recitals.
He is a lyricist and a music composer too. His compositions include more than 100 traditional numbers for Bharathanatyam and dance ballets as ‘Ganesha Charitram’, ‘Vanavillin 7 Varnangal’( ‘The 7 colours of rainbow’ based on ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’), ‘Sadaa Venkatesam Smaraami Smaraami’, ‘Mahadevam Mahasenam Bhaje’ ‘Navarasam’ and so on.

Sri. P.R Venkata Subramanian teaches classical music on keyboard to Jathiswaraalayan.

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